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Patch Notes: Hélène Vogelsinger

As part of the practice behind Hélène Vogelsinger‘s modular synth compositions, the French singer and sound designer explores abandoned places and connects with their energies to create immersive and suspended moments. “I love the fact that they have layers of stories and histories, with different occupants, often crossing times, and always full of beautiful and melancholic poetry,” she says.

Prior to this episode of Patch Notes, Vogelsinger went on a 800km trip to visit an abandoned cloister, where she took pictures, videos and recorded soundscapes. She then came back to her studio and started to create the musical foundations based on what she experienced during that day. “I always compose my main sequences and record the vocals and instruments upstream,” she says. “It is the first phase of creation.”

A few weeks later, Vogelsinger returned to record the finished piece, but the building wasn’t accessible. But on her way back home, in the south of France, she came across an abandoned castle, “an improbable apparition”, in the middle of an industrial zone. “With Chalisk, who films all my sessions, we were amazed and shocked at the same time,” she says. “We were amazed by this place’s aura and energy and shocked by the way it has been ransacked.”

Although the piece wasn’t recorded for the space, the castle’s own history (the family who lived there helped refugees who fled war) and aura made it suitable for the session.

“The installation and the recording session are always a process within the process, which takes a few hours. Technically it requires a good organisation: three modular cases and hundred of cables, a generator, a camera, lights and again so many cables,” she says. “It is something really intense, especially in those types of abandoned places, where you have to avoid a lot of obstacles.”

Vogelsinger’s latest album, Contemplation, is available now on Modularfield: https://helenevogelsinger.bandcamp.com/album/contemplation

Video by Chalisk Pito

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Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – ‘Heartbreak’

‘Heartbreak / 6000ft.’, out now on OUTLIER on 12″ vinyl + streaming: https://outlier.lnk.to/heartbreakYo
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Director: Tom Andrew @tom_andrew_
Production company: OB Productions
Director’s agent: OB Management
Exec producer: Sam Holmes
Dancer: Jack Thomson @jackthomsonuk
DOP: Joseph Dunn @josephdunn_dp
Producer: Jemel Richards @jemel.richards
Effects: Lighting – Insight Lighting @insightlighting
Groomer: Charli Avery @charliaverymakeup
Studio & Lighting: GAS Studios @gasproductionhire
Editor: Ben Elkaim/Trim @benelkaim @trimediting
Colourist: Myles Bevan/TBA @m.y.l.e.s @timebasedarts

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Lay-Far – Pick It-Keep It (Official Video)

It’s the year 2000, the North of Russia – a small town of Ukhta. I’m 16 and i’m break-dancing for 1 year only at this point in time. It’s the last year of school and i’m about to embark on my student journey far from home. The gloomy 90’s are gone and me and my friends are entering the new millennium with our heads high, hopeful, playful, smiling, open to explore the world, exceeding our limits, eager to make our dreams a reality. We are trying and failing and trying again – keeping it up!
Dedicated to Do One’s Bit Crew, my old friends and crew-mates: P.Man, Kim Malygin, Rinas, Ruslan Chursanov, Misha Kozderko, Roman VIP, Grisha Saven, Sasha ABK, Denis and all the good times we spent together.

“Pick It-Keep It” is vinyl-only track, available on a limited vinyl 12″:
Stream the rest of the EP:

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Yaeji in Place | Boiler Room

Tonight, we’re celebrating Yaeji — & her new mixtape ‘What We Drew’ — with a different kind of broadcast. All funds raised in tonight’s show go directly to The Bail Project.

Your donations to this stream go to The Bail Project™ National Revolving Bail Fund, a critical tool to prevent incarceration and combat racial and economic disparities in the bail system. Read up, support & donate if you can – https://bailproject.org/

Directed by: Yaeji + Enayet Kabir
Editing and vfx: Zanzie Addington-White, Enayet Kabir and Yaeji
Dancers: Gianna Theodore + Hamly Tavarez
Performance video contributors: West Dakota, Dynasty, YonYon, G.L.A.M., Nappy Nina, Victoria Sin
Styling: Monica Kim
Artwork: Luke Kim
Special Thanks: Caroline Waxse, Maher Sattar, Sesame

Yaeji – In Place (Acapella)
Yaeji – Waking Up Down
Wajeed – My Father’s Rhythm
Yaeji – When I Grow Up
Stefan Ringer – Southside
Clazziquai – Fill This Night
Yaeji – Spell (feat. YonYon and G.L.A.M.)
Yaeji – In Place (Acapella)
Humming Urban Stereo – Sakamoto
Yaeji – In Place (Acapella)
Yaeji – Money Can’t Buy (feat. Nappy Nina)
Dua Lipa – Don’t Start Now (Yaeji Remix)
Yaeji – The Th1ng (feat. Victoria Sin & Shy One)
Amal – Psychopass (mashup with RP Boo – At War)
Will Martin – Massivechusettes
Coco Bryce – Worries in Da Dance
Sheefy Mcfly – Freak-E (ft. Amp Fiddler)
Soichi Terada – Yokozuna beach chillin’
nooon. – so.called

Beachfront via Videvo
Bellergy via Videvo
danwiseman via Videvo
Elsa Luebing via Video
NatureClip via Videvo
Ravikripa via Videvo
KirilDobrev via Videvo

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Аквариум in Dub (2020)

Борис Гребенщиков/Левша Пацан/Lee Scratch Perry

Диск “Аквариум in Dub” – старый добрый “Аквариум”, – хиты переработаны в традициях музыки регги и даб.

Добро пожаловать в Ямайский Аквариум!

01 – Кипение Åквариума на Ямайке 00:01
02 – Вавилон 00:40
03 – Иван и Данило 04:08
04 – Åристократ 10:28
05 – Рыба 14:28
06 – Яблочные Дни 18:07
07 – USB 3.0 21:45
08 – Вавилон Dub 25:28
09 – Рыба Ест Вавилон 31:15

(с) БГ

Lee Scratch Perry @Lee “Scratch” Perry – Topic /Борис Гребенщиков @borisgrebenshikov /Левша Пацан @Levshapatsan

#БГ #БорисГребенщиков

Продюсер: Левша Пацан
Музыка: Два Льва
Голос: Борис Гребенщиков
Гость: Ли “Скрэтч” Перри

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Fabio & Grooverider – Junglist Movement x D&BTV: Locked In (DJ Set)

→ Junglist Movement x Drum&BassArena shirt: https://bit.ly/DnBA_JunglistMovement
Strictly heavyweight business from the legendary Fabio & Grooverider – celebrating the launch of our new collaboration tee with Aerosoul / Junglist Movement.

Listen to our brand new Drum&BassArena Podcast → https://bit.ly/DnBA_Podcast_001
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Aerosoul Limited:
Web → https://aerosoul.co.uk/
Junglist Movement → https://www.junglist-movement.com/
Junglist Movement masks → https://aerosoul.co.uk/collections/j-m-masks/products/jm-100-cotton-screen-printed-custom-face-mask-black-yellow

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Disclosure, Fatoumata Diawara – Douha (Mali Mali)

‘Douha (Mali Mali)’ taken from the new album ‘ENERGY’ available to pre order now: https://disclosure.lnk.to/ENERGY_AlbumID

Follow Disclosure: https://Disclosure.lnk.to/FollowID

Sign Up To the Disclosure Mailing List: https://disclosure.lnk.to/signup2020ID

New limited edition merch available via Disclosure Store: https://Disclosure.lnk.to/OfficalStoreID


Production Company: CR8TIVE ROW
Executive Producers: Daps & Inga Veronique
Producers: Sade Lawson (Cozy Global) & Julio Mata Jr.
Director: Mahaneela
Italy Production Company: The Blink Fish
Italy Executive Producers: Matilde Bonanni & Lorenzo Majno
Italy Production Manager: Carlo Eugenio Alpeggiani
Editor: Robert Daglish
Colorist: Jonny Tully (Big Bouy)

Italy DOP/Drone Op: Jeffrey Attoh
Italy Photographer: Nicolò Rombolotti
NYC Drone Op: Alon Sicherman (L Vision)
SA Drone Op: Adam McConnachie

Italy Dancers: Francesca Tanas & Caterina Valdi
NYC Dancers: Infinite Coles, Angeline Lala & Haze Kim
South Africa Dancers: Llewellyn Mnguni, Bradley Sekiti, & Andrea Urion


Donsolu bè Africa
Alimamibalu bè Africa
Filosòfulu bè Africa
Balontannabalu bè Africa

Mali Mali, Malidenw ka duwawu kè tunkanadenw ye
Mali Mali, Mali nyènafin b’anw na yan

(English Translation)

There are hunters in Africa
There are great imams in Africa
There are philosophers in Africa
There are great footballers in Africa

Mali Mali, Malians in Mali should send their blessings to those living abroad
Mali Mali, we miss Mali so much!

Music video by Disclosure, Fatoumata Diawara performing Douha (Mali Mali). © 2020 Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited


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Róisín Murphy – Ancora Ancora Ancora (Severino & Nico De Ceglia Remix) (Live @ Home)

Róisín Murphy’s isolation performance of Ancora Ancora Ancora (Severino & Nico De Ceglia Remix) live from home.

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Ron Trent | Boiler Room: Streaming from Isolation

Sit back & watch the master at work – Chicago’s legendary house music figure Ron Trent up now for the next 2h.

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Lay-Far – All Massive (Official Video)

follow on instagram : https://www.instagram.com/lesyeuxorange
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Dancers: KAZANE (LUCIFER) / dee (The1996/radio beacon) / RiN. (JACK KINGZ) /TAIKI (TERM-INAL/yygcru) / KEIN (UWDUCT)

Director: Junpei Suzuki・Madoka Sano
DOP: Kota Watanabe
1st Assistant Camera: Hayato Misawa
Producer: Masaki Ogino[REALROCKDESIGN]
PM: Manabu Mizuguchi[REALROCKDESIGN]
Special thanks: HEAVEN (Yuki Watanabe)

All Massive Produced by Alexander Lay-Far
Eureka! A&R Midori Aoyama

buy : https://eureka-tokyo.bandcamp.com/album/seasons-change

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