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7 Days of Funk – Snoop & Dam-Funk – Hit Da Pavement (Official Video)

http://stonesthrow.com/snoopfunk Dam-Funk & Snoop Dogg / Snoopzilla • directed by Henry DeMaio

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Personal thing. If I'm driving and have a woman is the care and the homie got a woman in the car too, he ain't riding up front with me. Nigga get yo ahss in the back seat with yo gurl. That's just my personal thing tho

How come stones throw's videos are not gaining views like at all?
It is fkng DF and snoop official video and they hit 7 damn thousands views
hilarious and sad at the same time

Fuck Snoop. I’m not even gonna listen to this. Just clicked on it to say fuck him. Everyone that was brazen to talk shit about trump needs to just go away and shut up til they die. Now that it’s been revealed the press has painted him to be a much worse person than he actually is, people like him are the fuck nuts.

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