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Bonobo Boiler Room New York DJ Set

► Bonobo making a triumphant return to Boiler Room with an exclusive DJ set from NYC earlier this year.

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25 ответов к “Bonobo Boiler Room New York DJ Set”

I hate watching these boiler room sets. People standing around staring at a DJ doing the most basic of mixing with their phones out. Grinds my gears.

I watched Orbital at an outdoor gig last year. Everyone in the crowd staring at them standing behind two keyboards. I faced the other way and watched the sunset over the hills with that as my soundtrack.

Rant over.

P.S. Nothing wrong with the tunes.

Just thought I'd move this to the top.


0:00 Bonobo ft. Innov Gnawa – Bambro Koyo Ganda

3:13 PHCK – Elephants

6:25 Durante – Split Wick

9:17 Wrong Diagonal (feat. Rabo, Snob)

11:02 Bonobo – Linked

16:29 Throwing Snow – Trébucher

21:00 Avalon Emerson – One More Fluorescent Rush

23:36 George Fitzgerald ft. Bonobo – Outgrown

29:39 Musumeci – Hey Mama

33:26 Footshooter – Bosphorus

38:00 Mall Grab – Ahmad

42:04 Austin Ato – Song For Mr. Lewis

47:54 ID – ID

53:00 Loleatta Holloway – Stand Up (Pangaea Edit)

56:41 Dinky – Casa (Axel Boman Dub Mix)

59:04 Fela Kuti – Shakara (Ossie's Bump Edit)

1:04:33 Addison Groove – Changa

1:07:58 Bonobo – Kerala

I think this set is great for studying or chilling but for this type of environment where people want to go out and dance its a bit boring and almost lullaby esque at times. Great set just not a good environment for it

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