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Four Tet – Baby (Official Music Video)

Music by Four Tet, vocals by Ellie Goulding
Listen: https://smarturl.it/FourTetBaby
Teenage Birdsong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXSHEVv2I-Y

Concept / Director: Joanna Nordahl
DoP / FPV Pilot: Andrés Aguilera Morillas / AndriuFPV
Executive Producer: Trine Pillay
Production Company: New-Land
Producers: Trine Pillay, Joanna Nordahl
Location Manager: Chris Plyming
Starring & 2nd Unit Camera: Josiane Pozi & Constance Balaam
Editing & VFX: Tumpum
2nd Unit FPV: Russel Cleaver
2nd Unit FPV: Neil Willis
Colorist: Alex Gregory, The Mill
Post Production Producer: Bruce Langfield, The Mill
Colour Assistant: Megan Lee
Sound Design: Danny Trachtenberg
Styling: Tanya Lois Brown
Wing design: Emma Lewis, Electric Wings
Production Assistant: Patrick Butterfield
Production Assistant: Jesper Svensson Boman
Graphic Designs: William James Thurman
Lab: Color By DeJonghe
Management: Tom Deffee, Jess Plummer, Solar Management
Special thanks to: Andres Aguilera Morillas, The Mill London, Gareth Dawson, Tarot Pictures, Maceo Frost, Moa Looft

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36 ответов к “Four Tet – Baby (Official Music Video)”

Perfection. Beautiful video for this song! The birds at the end were a nice surprise.

I am excited to dance my way through the Rocky Mountains with this one. It also makes the most fabulous astral dance inspiration. Your music is magic. Inspirational. Beautiful. Emotive. Fun.

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