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Hot Since 82 – Live From A Pirate Ship in Ibiza

Here’s what happens when someone lets you and a few mates loose on a Pirate ship in Ibiza… 💦🌴







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I wish there was just one pale, bold overweight guy on the boat shirtless with a bad tattoo and lonsdale shorts with trainers and high socks giving the thumbs up to the camera constantly. It would be a masterpiece then.

after reading a lot of comments, i dont really care what they consumed or how healthy they are or if anyone there is trying to show off. ALL we see is they are peaceful and having a fun time, distracted from all the shit happening around the world. thats the point. would give a lot to be there right now! cheers and stay safe 😘

Nobody gets wasted, all trying to play the gallery, all girls trained , tanned with nice butt, all guys muscled. Don't get me wrong but these mates just look too slick and kind of arrogant.

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