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Marshall Jefferson house set in The Lab NYC

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‘Gotta have house, music, all night long’. Those words, to any self-declared house music fan, are instantly recognizable. The pianos, that kick drum, they’re sounds that are synonymous with electronic music and Marshall Jefferson’s ‘Move Your Body’ is a bonafide classic.

The track has just been given a makeover with Marshall and UK duo Solardo collaborating on a new edit. This re-imagining just spent 46 days at Beatport number one, an all-time record for the website and was also playlisted on BBC Radio One for a massive nine weeks.

Marshall is now busier than ever as he’s currently on a worldwide tour that sees him perform at House Of Yes in NYC on February 29th and also alongside Kerri Chandler at a Warehouse Project event in March. He’s currently working on producing a new Ten City album and with a European tour about to be announced, Jefferson is back where he belongs, at the top of the house music game.

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42 ответа к “Marshall Jefferson house set in The Lab NYC”

It's hilarious. When he starts playing his song nobody even realizes it. Only one of thee biggest house anthems ever. If you know that song, you can't help but sing along. But hey at least they're feeling it… I hope

The crowd was fine, people remember chitown house was originally from the 80's, crowd look is gonna be obviously different now a days. House music is enjoyed in your soul, so how "hard" they dance doesn't mean anything…. Marshall Jefferson is a true legend of this genre

All this comments about people enjoying the music based on how wildly they are dancing is bullshit to say the least – Different people enjoy music in different ways and just because some people are dancing in place doesn't necessarily mean that they are enjoying the music lesser then the others – The posers are the ones that you see at festivals and events dancing wildly and bouncing of other people as if they are having an aneurysm while getting electrocuted – Music is in the soul not on the dance floor

Not only a legend, a true pioneer ! Mad talent! So much material ..if you all like what you hear and don’t know who this badass is, look into his work further…treasure of material! Chicago house, nothing like it , ever

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