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Orbital – Halcyon On and On

One of the best emotional tune of all times!

Sit back, relax, and feel the music as your mind journeys deep into the heavenly world.

The beautiful vocalist is Kirsty Hawkshaw. Please take a moment to visit her website at http://www.kirstyhawkshaw.co.uk. Thank you.


Video edited by myself along with original source from BBC Planet Earth. Original music by Orbital. I do not own any part of the video and music, and do not monetize from it. This is fan-made video made truly for the fans out there.

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behold gaia in all her unashamed beauty finally with a harmony to bring it all home if current projects are correct by 2030 the earth will be damaged beyound that point of repair think about that peeps

ive a few ideas but they far exceed my authority to give them dierct to you if any would like to talk ive a few suggestions on why you might not be able to attain cold fusion but your not getting equations of that power without cast iron guaranteeds no wraping into weapons you all ready have a nuclear arsenal that can destroy the world 10 times over in a blink of a eye anyway just come together as a planet and mine helios 3 on the moon no country moon base just a global 1 and go get it and share it out unless aliens have pinched it all robbing gets but thats life if you dont use some1 will pinch it so let nothing waste

thanks to YouTube random suggestions, found this gem Jan 2020. Random trivia on the title: "The group is made up of two brothers, Phil and Paul Hartnoll and the song was dedicated to their mother, who suffered from an addiction to the tranquiliser Halcion."

"As there are dark aspects within each and every one of the Creator's children, the dark aspect of Spirit. Of all his offspring, know there can be no comparison to 666 of the highest. In this One, the darkness is as large as God could have made it, serving always unto the purpose lain down with the foundation of All things."

Ado Zimaran

God I wish she was still here. Forever gone but never forgotten. Love you always. I hope there is life after just to see your face one last time. It's been 20 years and I never broke our promise.

Listening in 2020. Going to Dominican Republic in 2 days. Using this song for sure in my Vlog of the Ocean. Reminds me of being in space and looking down at our Planet. Mesmerizing that we are all living on this beautiful place

Im about to throw a set down back where I started to dj and we’ll go to raves in 97 and I’m deciding I’m going to play all old skool trax like this and Robert miles! Don’t care if people don’t like cause this is what got me into the music that has helped my soul all these years!!
Dance cry music I call it!!

What feeling does this produce? What activity lightens up when listening to this song? How can that feeling be reproduced without the music? How can it be used to promote harmony among people?

Hackers reliving my childhood , lost count how many times ive seen them now , an weird remixes inc the darkness mixed in , but it works oddly …john peel live sessions i think ..

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