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Prince – “Musicology” (Official Music Video)

Stream Prince’s Greatest Hits here – https://open.spotify.com/user/topsify/playlist/3mVMzeSYSJkI3BnwQmOfEe

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Omg just listened to face down never heard that song before , there isent anything that man can't do Prince was no is a musical prodigy his Guinness is just that he taught his self how to play all his instruments and was so good at what he did , I will forever miss him but he will never be forgotten , we are the same age and I loved all his music and the funny thing is purple is my favorite color to , his home paisley park was all of him , I just pray that keep his home and never sell it because it's a big part of him and his soul remains in that home and I hope someday I get to visit his home that's my dream to one day go there and feel his presence there , I'm one of prince's biggest fans I grew up with him and I loved him for the person he was a real hero to me , I hope up in the heaven's it's all purple and your up there ROCKING on 🎸🌈🌹🙏✌🎶🎵🎼🙏✌🦋💋💋✌✌🙏🙏
Love to you and always
Debbie 🌹🌈🥀🦋🎩💟✌

Some of you may not know but, this video is real life moment from Prince’s childhood.! Prince is playing James Brown performing, the little kid is playing young prince.. prince would often play w/ his big brothers music instruments and vinyls,
And it annoyed his stepbrother Alfred. So Prince’s step dad took him to see James Brown live, and put little Prince on stage, security grabbed him and put him back on the dance floor.. It was a great moment, for him to get a first time view of JB, and a full electric crowd! Who knew what he would go on to be! I also may add: it’s a nice touch that James Brown’s saxophonist is in this video as well! The one and only MACEO PARKER! Maceo worked w/ Prince until the end.. Maceo was on each and every tour, starting w/ this musicology tour (2004EVER), Welcome 2 America, Welcome 2 Europe, and all other shows in between like montreux Jazz festival, sizget, and of course all of Prince’s random Jam sessions; (which was MANY! Lol) it’s great to know that real musicians, recognize real musicians! <3 NPG 4 LIFE!

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