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Prince & The New Power Generation – Gangster Glam (Official Music Video)

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1/2020….. Watching this video for the first time. First of all Rosie can sing, dang girl.. you are amazing! They all look like they are just having fun rockin it on a beautiful day. Loving the yellow. But that swimming suit just doesn’t do it. And I’m a die hard Prince fan. But the rest of the video is fine… Was that his girlfriend, the one in the blue dress? She’s pretty.

For those of you who said that the NPG era was the worst Prince era are some racist motherfuckers. The reason why you guys don't like the NPG era was because all the NPG bandmembers are black. You guys would rather for Prince to remain in the Purple Rain era when he became mainstream (read: white). I love Purple Rain, but Prince was all about evolution. You would rather for Prince to continually serve the white audience and abandon his black audience. The last time I checked, Prince was a black man!!!! Prince was going back to his root with NPG. And Tony M can rap better than these motherfuckers today. I would rather hear Tony M and Prince spitting bars than these mumble rappers today. NPG right along with the Revolution was the best Prince era.

Every time I see Tony, I wonder what it is like to have been inside Prince's circle and Paisley Park like this and then end up in a normal every day job. He must have some great stories to tell around the water cooler in the office. It had to be some unusual kind of experience and fun.

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