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This summer RTRN touched down at…
Love Saves the Day
Together Amnesia
Exit Festival
And of course Notting Hill Carnival 2019.

Maximum boost to all the family.
See you at the last RTRN show of the year on 30th Nov The Drumsheds London.

#RTRNIIJUNGLE #chaseandstatus
Video: Billy Seeberg

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22 ответа к “RTRN II SUMMER 2019”

Southwest four was my first time travelling to the capital for an event, the return 2 jungle tent was packed, there were people raving 10 metres outside the tent, big up, the one, the only chase and status!

I’ve travelled to see your sets at least 4 times this year. Saw you guys at FearFest a few days ago and even saw you at Pier Jam in my home town. I can’t even put into words how your music makes me feel when I’m stood on your sets 20 feet away from you guys. It literally feeds my soul. Blows my fuckin mind. 🙏🏻

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