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Sudan Archives – Nont for Sale

from Sink EP http://stonesthrow.com/sudanarchives | http://stonesthrow.lnk.to/sudan

Directed by Sudan Archives & Ross Harris
Creative Direction by Leonardo Volcy
Director of Photography – Glenn Harris Jr. & Ross Harris
Edited by Ross Harris
Color Grade by Jeremy Ian Thomas & Ross Harris
Choreographer / Casting / Styling by Autumn Randolf
Styling by Bukunmi Grace

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26 ответов к “Sudan Archives – Nont for Sale”

Everytime I listen to this song, I feel like I’m on a beach in Italy sunbathing with a cool drink and a book by my side, listening to people pass by and play in the sea or with the sand while I feel the occasional gust of wind brush the summer heat off my back, eyes closed and fully relaxed.

Idk maybe that’s just me

I've seen this video and I listened to this songs so many times, and each time I get only more sure that this is pure genius, this girl is gifted, so great we can share so many emotions and so many feelings with her thanks to her true talent 🙂 I love you miss Sudan Archives :))) Thanks for ALL of these, and reminding me to not waste my luck 🙂

Omg I thought this was a video about a sale on clothes. I saw the thumbnail and thought that what they were wearing was cute so I clicked😂

Not disappointed tho🤧

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