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Work Drugs – Rad Racer

The official video for Work Drugs – Rad Racer. Written by Thomas Crystal and Benjamin Louisiana. Additional pretty vocals and whispers by Joan Wellfleet. http://www.workdrugs.com or http://soundcloud.com/work-drugs/rad-racer for a free download. Contact Work Drugs @ workdrugs AT gmail DOT com

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My best friend… he loved this song so much, we'd listen to it as we rode away from the bars/clubs, or at the end of the night sitting in his/my living room. He died just a few days ago, I am sure he is still a rad racer, big city chasing, but oh how I wish we could run away through one more night!! I miss you, bro!!! Ty to Work Drugs, this song was beautiful to me before, but I cherish it now!

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