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Yussef Kamaal – Calligraphy // Brownswood Basement Session

The Brownswood signees play a live session in the basement following their killer debut ‘Black Focus’, released November 4th.

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38 ответов к “Yussef Kamaal – Calligraphy // Brownswood Basement Session”

Take the Damn Hood ,Glasses, Cap off.
Let the music b Yr mystery. Allow the The People 2 Identify with U. Put a Face with the Music. There r somethings U Young Cats Could Learn From The Masters. They always had a Face With Their Music. Take that Shit Off. Can't c any Expressions of Ur Connection 2 Ur Own Damn. How U want The People, The Audience 2 Connect.C Ya'll want the Audience 2 Feel Privileged That Ur There. No the Shit Don't Work that way. Ur As scv Should b,& Supposed 2 Feel Privileged that they r There 2 Watch U play.
There r Alot of other places The Audience Could B.

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